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    February 26, 2014
    3:00 - 3:31pm PST  

i am meteorologist in the ktvu weather sent wear storm watch update. right now the activity really beginning to pick up late this afternoon or mid this afternoon. yellows and reds few course respond to increasing rainfall rates and here's a closer inspection. this afternoon so far santa rosa reporting heavy rain sonoma county airport from marin towards petaluma and closer around santa rosa and these shows the increase of the rainfall rates and gulf park
gulf course drive and hidden valley lake activity for the north bay. moving the maps around daily dash daley city across the bay and rainfall rates with this one cell stay around daley city coming up for you. about .32 inches an hour. so a third of an inch an hour for this part of the bay area pod rit -- pod mit -- moderate steady down pours. moving to the south san jose towards saratoga and mountainview activity is ramping up for this part of the region and the trend turns look what'sdeveloping more energy approaching from the south and west and that will increase the heavier rainfall and a possibility of some more thunderstorms. we will have another update in one hour and complete storm wrap coverage coming up on the ktvu channel 2 news at 5. she walks back in. that officer got a little bit concerned because he was unable to reach the dispatcher decided to check up on said dispatcher, that's him pulling up in this
patrol car and watch this moment as he's walking in, he stops, turns back around, and realizes, hmm, something smells off. >> she was taking a little toke. >> not a smoke break, huh? >> vickie was apparently destressing herself from the job because, yes, she admitted she'd actually been smoking some pot. >> at the dispatch station? >> i wonder if she got it from, like, you know -- >> the locker. >> he went inside and started questioning her about it and, yeah, she admitted and she handed over a container with apparently 2 1/2 joints still in it. >> needless to say she was arrested on the spot. this video was jail surveillance and she did eventually end up in the jail that she was working at. that's her mug shot right here. >> she walks down the hall to take her picture. >> basically it's what happened. >> a great story. do it right out front it looks like the cars are pulling in.
>> she was charged with a misdemeanor for possession of a dangerous substance and she offered her letter of resignation, she's obviously no longer employed by the department. >> got her rolling papers. well, family drama can be the worst kind of drama and in this video the family drama is pretty bad. look at this the red car pulls up on the sidewalk. the girl you are seeing waiting for the red car, danielle ahmad in the car are her relatives susan price and miriam haws, miriam 64, susan 60. but watch what happens, they eventually start to get into this altercation. you can see that danielle is not so happy. this is danielle's mother also waiting out on the sidewalk not so happy about this argument all about the care of another one of danielle's relatives, her uncle anthony ahmad, who is blind and has muscular dystrophy, you see him in the car as well and also
david who is susan's husband. watch this. watch right here, pointing, pointing, pointing, screaming, yelling, and then spitting on her elder relative. and quickly you'll see danielle and her mother paula now attacking these two women. these women who are much older. susan also has a lung condition ands a arthritis. they're pulling the hair of these women and kicking these women. danielle the young girl involved in this 24 years old actually a nurse, too, so go figure on that one. >> that's some awful family drama. communication oftentimes works if you just get what you need to say out. there's no need for assault. >> you can see this whole thing was caught on cctv and danielle and her mom paula found guilty of assault. susan is now wearing a wig because parts of her hair didn't grow out appropriately. parts of her hair were pulled out during the fight. these two ladies overreacted and
saw red in this thing and i think you could agree. the international fund for animal welfare embarked on a mission impossible to the ivory coast. they rescued her and trucked wild force elephants 300 miles. it was to save their lives because of the deforestation there was bad blood between the villagers and the elephants and the villagers didn't want them killed and they figured let's just move them so they moved them 300 miles. this guy is going into the helicopter because they've tracked two elephants. they've got one that's about 14 years old and then they found a bull with it and they got two in one in here. >> this is great the one we've been tracking for the last couple of days it will be great to get him loaded and out of here as well. >> it's incredible. >> it's mind-boggling to watch the large the elephant dangling and doing it for their own good.
>> how many are they trying to do it with? >> they found six and were able to get four rescued. the villagers even though they had conflict with the elephants because of deforestation they still wanted them to have a happy life because it's the national symbol of the ivory coast but watch when they put it in the crate, it's unbelievable. this one is jus they naturally walk backwards so once the elephant wakes up the doors open the elephant starts walking backwards and it goes into this container where they need to take it. though it was a 300-mile trek it took them 10 to 13 hours because sometimes they spent hours stuck in the mud. they said the elephants only took them five minutes to get out of the truck because they were ready to get out. it took them about ten days to conduct this whole thing and to rescue these elephants and cart them 300 miles to the national park where it will be a better place for them. ipad mini giveaway is coming
up, everybody. >> you'll need the wednesday buzzword to enter and win. >> you must be at eat 18 years old and a u.s. resident to enter. >> stand by the "rtm" ipad giveaway is coming up. a lesson in what not to do if you of snowmobiling. this is in yellowstone national park in montana. we've got two perspectives of this snowmobiling excursion. in this first moment you see the helmet cam from a snowmobiler, he's headed up a steep hill and the snow looks quite delightful i have to say. >> a beautiful day. >> something is about to go horribly wrong. just as this rider gets close to this group of trees -- >> whoa! >> he's in an avalanche. >> yeah. >> the snow gave way and starting carrying this guy down the side of this hill. you can see his camera gets buried. he gets tossed and turned and carried for quite some time. once this avalanche finally
stops we do see this rider's face. he takes off the helmet that has the camera on it and we see his head is above the snow but he's buried from the shoulders. >> it's almost like he carved out the area of snow that he can go down the hill. >> that's quite perspective of you, steven, and when i show you the second perspective you'll see why what he did was so dangerous not only for himself but for other snowmobilers. look at the top of the screen you see this avalanche start to happen and this rider and his buddy try to get out of the way but you notice there were other riders at the bottom of this hill, that's a big no-no when it comes to snowmobiling, in fact, one of the things that you should avoid is cutting across when there are other snowmobilers down below you and, in fact, his behavior ended up putting his buddies at risk. you'll see another snowmobiler buried in the snow and he had a backpack on. >> that's [ bleep ]'ing. >> this is a very dangerous
situation. in fact, this year someone was killed snowmobiling in this area of yellowstone. now, another video, this one showcasing what not to go close to. this is a family. watch what they see off in the distance. >> a power line isn't it? >> that's exactly what it is. that's a power line that caught a tree on fire and this is only about 160 feet from where this family was skiing. this was in norway where they were having heavy, heavy snow and ice conditions. the heavy snow and ice weighed down the power lines that then brushed the industry causing the fire and because there was so much moisture in the air the moisture conducts the electricity. don't want to go near that. >> fascinating to see that. cool looking. dangerous but cool. things get heated at a kids basketball game when the coach takes a shot. >> punches apparently a parent. >> the story behind the foul move. >> and meet the sheep who's got
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here we go again with another example of an adult who is supposed to be in charge of children yet the adult is acting like a child himself. this is an aau basketball game we're talking about third grade
kids 8 and 9-year-olds. this is in ardsley, new york, this is the coach after the game. >> what are you doing? >> hey, hey, hey! >> goes over says you have something to say to me? punches apparently a parent who is there at the game right in front of his team, right in front of these kids. i don't care if there's a parent saying something during the game this is not how you act in front of the kids. they say he was screaming at players during the game and parents during the game and then this happens. >> it's too bad because the kids remember this and may not want to go into organized sports after seeing something like this. >> the uploader said the dude was arrested. we contacted the ardsley police department and said they did respond to this incident but no arrest was made and no charges filed against this guy. we also reached out to the house of sports where this game was taking place and we talked to frank from the house of sports and he wanted to make it clear
that the coach involved was from a visiting team and has no association whatsoever with the howms of sports. >> i'm not justifying this guy's aggressive behavior but who knows what the guy on the bench was saying. >> no matter what we are talking about 8 and 9-year-old kids playing basketball and it should be about them and not you, you are a grown man. hates candy. ♪'s something totally awesome has happened since the release of this video. ♪ might think crazy what i'm about to say ♪ >> you remember farrell's "happy"? >> the 24 hour music video. >> it just hit number one on the "billboard" charts and nominated for an oscar and it's become a
cultural phenomenon, this inspired regular people on the street recording themselves dancing to "happy" and posting the videos online. >> just walking and dancing and talking to strangers. >> in this case this girl is danielle beckman and an actress comedienne singer in new york city. ♪ if you feel like happiness is the truth ♪ >> people are looking at her like she's a little weird but who cares because that's kind of the whole thing. >> people don't care because they are walking right past here, ah, here's a crazy person. >> there are a ton of other videos happy in nyc a blog created for all the different videos popping up inspired by the video. this features autumn and manny they are on mcdougall street in greenwich village. my favorite part of this particular video comes right about here. there's a guy and he's offering
them a joint, like, come on, guys, bring it up a notch. ♪ what would it be like if robots walked among us? check this out. >> these don't have some sort of artificial intelligence to take over the world. >> yex, "right this minute." and still to come she's about to play her last college game but she gets a big surprise first. >> oh. >> oh, this is great. >> why she won before the game even started. plus, a zebra's unknowingly crossing into lie beon territor. >> you want to yell don't go in there, you're going the wrong way! >> the quick move that has him backing up. and you still got a chance to win an ipad mini. we'll reveal wednesday's buzzword next. charles not having coverage stressed me out.
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this adventure in the wild kingdom starts in kenya. here you see a lone zebra not with a whole pack crossing the river but behind the grasslands hidden. five lions and you can already see right here on the lower part of the screen they've already got something to eat, but they are thinking let's expand this the lions are e across the way. >> this is part of the horror movie where you want to yell don't go in there, you're going the wrong way. >> yes, but guess what, once it gets to shore it says, do you know what, maybe i need to go back to where i came from. >> what happened was the zebra saw the lion that jumped up on the edge right there and made its presence known. >> the lions were looking -- >> no way. >> no way! >> everybody get ready! we jump from africa to china. this little lamb has seven legs.
two in the back, five in the front. >> what? >> oh, my gosh. >> experts say this happens 1 in 7 million times. the sheep owner says he initially thought they would have to amputate but says the lamb gets around fine with the extra legs. >> he's not sheepish. he's running around. he only uses some of the legs. >> the others are dangling. >> do you get tired running a lot, i'll put these ones back here and use these other ones for a while. this is a huge day for college students, this is right before megan's final game at this college. you see that she walks in, big ceremony. she gets a bouquet of flowers. she is a fourth-year starter and moved to fourth all-time in school history for career rebounds during the game and in
this shot she is with who i think is her mom and dad and then in this moment you see her dad takes the flowers from her and she's a little puzzled, why is he giving her flowers. but before you know it, he realize he did that for a very special reason. because in no time she saw her brother. >> oh. this is great. >> on the court service member william boyle, he'd been deployed in afghanistan for the past year and this is the day he came home to greet her and give her a big old hug celebrating her last basketball game. >> look at how emotional they are. the scream was priceless. >> she got a win before the game started. >> it doesn't matter what happens after this moment, that moment just takes all priority. >> yeah, it's beautiful. eventually they walk over to mom and dad and all four of them join in a big old honking hug. all right, it's time for us
to give away an ipad mini. >> you got to be 18 years old and must be a u.s. resident and most of all you have to have the buzzword to enter. >> you enter on our facebook page if you are using a mobile phone or tablet go to the first post and tap on the mobile link. >> all right, the buzzword for wednesday is parachute. >> now get on over to facebook.com/rightthisminute and click on the win an ipad mini button. >> enter the wednesday buzzword parachute, p-a-r-a-c-h-u-te for your chance to win. she wants to take the polar bear plunge but the slide isn't slippery enough. >> so she has to take a very slow journey down the slide. >> see if she's still brave enough to jump in when she gets to the bottom.
drones are pretty impressive especially for the people who
have never really seen them fly. this guy looks like he has family members or friends, check this out watch me fly my drone. obviously the drone has a camera feeding back and taking shots at these people but watch what happens as he tries to bring this thing closer to the dock. >> uh-oh, uh-oh. >> no, no, no. >> he didn't get it. >> he did. it looks like he almost caught it just before it hit the water. he sacrifices himself gets all wet. >> cut his hand by the propellers because he jumped right in to catch the drone. >> it looks like he's shaking it off. >> the camera is at least still working and dropped his phone on the dock and rescued that but he managed to save it. >> the thing is these are still new, ght? people are still trying to figure out how to exactlyk don't take them over water if it is, like, your maiden voing. >> yeah, it does seem like a risky move there. but good video, nonetheless, that's what they are supposed to do, get good video. water sports in the winter
can either be cold or warm. let's start with warm. someone went with his family on a cruise and the video he picked up. you'll love this. >> the only time i've seen this is on the cruise commercial where everyone is doing it perfect and this one everyone falling. >> i think some may be family members because they are repeats. >> oh, man. the people that eat it face first. >> the base there it's a little bit soft, right? >> it looks like it bounces a little bit. >> the whole water would be red. >> at one point one of the people falls off the board and the assistant just jumps right on it. that's some skill. >> to be fair to all these cruisers, we don't know had they been up on the board for 30 seconds before the fall or they just, you know, boom. >> right, because you're going to fall eventually. >> who cares. i just love that they're falling. now, that was warm water but in virginia, the water was really cold at lake anna, 40 degrees and chad schwartz said
parton my laughing in this video because his girlfriend was going to go down the waterslide and do the polar bear plunge, and they are throwing water down the slide and she has to take a slow journey down the slide. >> ahh! >> making it worse. this is, like, ripping the band-aid off really slow. >> watch what happens when she gets close to the water. >> oh, she did it. i thought she was going to bail out after she stuck her toes in there. >> she tells us what it feels like to be in 40-degree water. >> ahh! ahh! that's it for us here at "rtm." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. [son] she has no idea.
[man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman, if you want great videos, we got them "right this minute." ♪ good samaritans try to save a little boy stuck five stories up. >> hanging by his arms. >> what happened when rescuers had to resort to desperate measures. he's a marijuana activist also known as bong rip. >> find out why some are boiling mad over his haul at a soup kitchen. >> two boxes of macaroni and cheese!